SJ Health Insurance Advocates (SJHIA) is a health insurance claims management and advocacy firm. We successfully navigate the health insurance bureaucracy to ensure our clients are reimbursed for their health insurance claims both timely and accurately.

Our Mission

SJHIA provides competent, compassionate, and thorough advocacy and claims management for all of our clients. We ensure that clients receive the compensation they are entitled to from their health insurance providers and are committed to accomplishing this in a timely and thorough manner.

Our Values

SJHIA differentiates itself from other companies by way of upholding the highest ethical principles, employing passionate and competent professionals, and by always preserving the “client first” model.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help clients receive much-needed compensation from their health insurance providers with minimum delay, frustration, and red tape.

Our Promise

Our promise is to work with all our clients in a thorough, fair, timely, and confidential manner to help them receive all they are entitled to from their health insurance providers.

Our industry-leading experience and technology are some of the most valuable assets we offer.

Our knowledge helps you increase efficiencies and transparency and reduce or even eliminate denials. Contact us and see how we can change your bottom line!