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Scott LeshinFounder

Scott Leshin founded SJ Health Insurance Advocates after discovering firsthand how broken the health insurance industry is while trying to seek reimbursement for his son Sam who has cerebral palsy. After a 16 year career on Wall Street working for both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, Scott made it his goal in life not only to address the problems he faced with his son but to help as many patients and providers as possible faced with similar needs and difficulties.

I am the proud father of my ten-year-old son, Sam, who was born with cerebral palsy. After spending 3.5 months in various NICUs my wife and I came home with the insurmountable task of trying to coordinate care for my son. I remember the day before my son came home; I sat in my kitchen with my laptop and a phone and started scrambling for help. I immersed myself in my health insurance plan details and State and Federal Law. Over time, armed with this knowledge, I was able to fight back and get the care my son so desperately needed. After working 16 years in the financial services industry in New York City, I decided to take my skill set and build a team of professionals to assist those who need help. Having gone through the system several times over, my firm can help!


Scott Leshin

Our Values

SJHIA provides competent, compassionate, and thorough advocacy and claims management for all of their clients. We ensure that clients receive the compensation they are entitled to from their health insurance providers and are committed to accomplishing this in a timely and through manner. SJHIA differentiates itself from other companies by way of upholding the highest ethical principles, employing passionate and competent professionals, and by always preserving the “client first” model.

Our values stem from our belief that people should be reimbursed by their insurance providers for illnesses that prevent them from leading a productive, healthy and pain free life.

Our vision is to help people receive much needed compensation from their health insurance providers with minimum delay, frustration and red tape.

My company promises to work with all our clients in a thorough, fair , timely and confidential manner to help them receive all they are entitled to from their health coverage providers.


Having found SJ Health Insurance Advocates has been a life saver and money saver! I have two sons’ that require therapy and SJHIA coordinates everything for me. From reaching out to the therapists to obtaining invoices to submission, to tracking. They do it all. They have found numerous issues on a monthly basis. The service does truly pay for itself.


After surgery I was faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills from my doctor. My doctor did submit his invoice to insurance but kept getting denied for various reasons. I heard of SJ Health Insurance Advocates through a friend of mine who was also a client. SJHIA took on the case and stayed the course for close to one year. I was able to get back close to $15,000.


As a Special Education Attorney, I am well versed with the daily challenges my clients face when it comes to health insurance reimbursement. SJ Health Insurance Advocates is the company I trust to handle these insurance-related matters for my clients. They take great care of my clients and I am happy to have found them.


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