Professional and Personal Approach to Health Insurance Claims Management and Advocacy

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Welcome to SJ Health Insurance Advocates

SJ Health Insurance Advocates (SJHIA) is a health insurance claims management and advocacy firm. We successfully navigate the health insurance bureaucracy to ensure our clients are reimbursed for their health insurance claims both timely and accurately.

See Why We Are Different.

While other companies may call themselves advocates, SJHIA was established on the premise that treatment always has to be the number one priority.
SJHIA serves both Patients and Providers. Having knowledge of both ends of the claims submission process, SJHIA’s unique model results not only in faster authorization and dispute resolution, but also a higher dollar amount in reimbursement of claims.

Personalized and professional approach to our client relationships.

Efficient and proactive throughout the entire relationship.

We focus on health insurance matters, while you focus on treatment.

Compassionate, experienced, licensed behavioral health professionals on every case, every time.

Full reporting access 24/7 via our customized billing platform.