Who we are
Dana Johnson Accountant

We help our clients identify their business and financial needs.


Our in-depth behavioral health industry experience is one of the most valuable assets we offer. Our knowledge helps you increase efficiencies, transparency, and reduce or even eliminate denials. At SJHIA, we pride ourselves on implementing best practice solutions. By outsourcing your billing processes, you will have access to a team of dedicated and highly educated staff at SJHIA to support your facility. Our team is comprised of licensed behavioral health professionals,  A/R specialists, billing analysts, regulatory experts, IT and EDI professionals, and a world-class executive team.

More Time

Our ability to formulate a comprehensive clinical overview of your patients, coupled with our licensed behavioral health professionals performing pre-authorization and concurrent authorizations, including peer-to-peer appeals, allows your therapists the time to focus on treatment.

Increased Productivity

With SJHIA handling all insurance related matters, your staff will have more time to treat patients and focus on other business related activities.

Decreased Frustration

Insurance is our area of expertise. Your team will not be put in the position to answer or resolve issues related to insurance.

Higher Enrollment

Using SJHIA as your “in-house” insurance department allows for our team to proactively contact your patients to address insurance-related matters, which leads to faster enrollment. Additionally, with a Business Associate Agreement in place, the amount of documentation required to provide access to clinical documentation is reduced.

Our industry-leading experience and technology are some of the most valuable assets we offer.

Our knowledge helps you increase efficiencies and transparency and reduce or even eliminate denials. Contact us and see how we can change your bottom line!